Erik Pawassar's work focuses on the beauty of the disregarded or mundane object.

The subjects for his striking and captivating visuals are typically set in the most ordinary environments, drawing the viewer into a charged but serene experience based on composition, palette and formal lines. Saturated in color, the nominal subjects gather a haunting and mesmerizing quality, creating a poignant pretext for the making of a formal color photograph. 

Decisively capturing the traces left by humanity, Pawassar's images are filled with a sense of universal nostalgia and pay homage to the passage of time and the extinguished moment.

Pawassar's profession as a highly sought-after digital retoucher informs his images with a heightened sensitivity to color and a discerning sense of detail. His artwork however is completely devoid of any alteration and created solely in-camera.

Erik Pawassar was born in Bielefeld, Germany in 1968. He currently lives and works in San Francisco.

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