I was born in one of the valleys of the Apuan Alps. Since I was a small child I learned to respect the mountains and absorbed their profound meaning. My mother instilled in me the sensitivity I have for the beauty of these mountains. My Father taught me to respect them.

After many years of research and study, traveling from country to country, I have realized how much these mountains meant to me. This is the reason I chose the marble from these mountains to manifest my view of life, and express my creativity. Like the roots of a tree, a sculpture is born from the earth. This forces me to look below the surface, beyond the exterior, into the layers of humus and fossils for the inspiration to realize my vision.

I come from Pietrasanta and Carrara, which are historically the two largest centers for sculpture in Italy. Thanks to the sculpting tradition that is deeply settled in my territory, I had the chance to interact with marble, bronze, ceramics plastic, resins and wood, experimenting and exploring the world of materials and the volumes, from ancient tradition to contemporary design.

I tried to grasp the sculpting tradition as a value and its essence through the centuries of transformation by the work of man trying to recover both part of a tradition, which is disappearing, as well as the contemporary elasticity, in its speed and in its ephemeral sensitivity.

My interest lies in examining the encounter of these two aspects as the meeting point of different materials that prompts me to highlight this aspect, emphasizing the point of contact, a sharp line that divides the materials, a line that divides the world of the past from the one of the future like the gap which is growing larger and larger, splitting a unique essence.

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