Christian Stoll has experimented with the photography medium since 1991.

His predominant interest is the still-life on a monumental scale. As his subject matter, Stoll shoots static objects, forms, architecture and machines to reveal an interest in technology and human nature’s attempt to organize, construct and transcend our own limitations.

Drawn to utopian architectural locations, grandiose feats of technology, epic scale industry and the building blocks of man-made machinery, Stoll manages to objectify these highly specific subject matters transforming them into objects of desire and beauty.

Christian’s work is informed by a background in classic still life photography, with his meticulously trained eye for details now applied to epic scale objects and location. His latest bodies of work incorporate micro still life camera technology to capture the polar opposite - capturing the beauty of objects of epic scale and utopian architectural locations, while keeping an eye on the details and turning them into intricate objects of desire.

Stoll was born in 1961 in Arnsberg and lives between Düsseldorf and New York City. 

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