erik pawassar has a decerning eye for details.

A highly sought after Photography retoucher by trade and a passionate globetrotter,,

Erik manages to find striking visuals in the most ordinary environments,

creating captivating images of found objects and everyday scenes.

While his daily work revolves around impeccably retouched compositions and digital refineries.

his personal work is created exclusively in-camera, focusing on unseen details of mundane life.

Erik grew up in Germany and lives and works in San Francisco.



Frank Schott buys his first camera at age 15 - in the days of film..

He spends nights shooting the great bands and musicians of the 80s.

while Attending the Academy of Arts in Cologne under Professor Arno Jansen..

His early work focuses on beauty and fashion 

- later evolving to include landscapes and conceptual environments. 

Born in Germany, Frank moved to California in 1998.

He draws inspiration from the epic landscapes and distinct architecture of the American West 

as much as from his travels abroad.



Christian Stoll splits his time between Düsseldorf and New York City., 

drawing a wide range of creative inspirations from both the old and the new world.

Coming from still life photography, Christian's work has evolved to include the absolute opposite,

capturing objects of epic scale and utopian architectural locations,

keeping an eye on the details and turning them into objects of desire.